Hayashi Greenbaum Dynamics shares its mission with humanity: to enable a simple, global infrastructure that empowers billions of people to achieve true equilibrium.

Peerless harmonics.

Unprecedented balance.


HG Dynamics stores all data analytics in its renowned, Permissionless Public Index™ (PPI) that’s open to everyone: any consumer, developer, or business can use the PPI™ network, build products on top of it, and add value through their services.

Open access ensures low barriers to entry, innovation, and encourages healthy competition that benefits us all. This is foundational to the goal of building more inclusive opportunities for our global society.

Clean. Refreshing. Clear.

Find the best of yourself in every glass.


Our company accomplishes the impossible with the unbridled compassion of quantum data analytics. From creating genuinely helpful synthetic life to repairing tears in the arbors of spacetime, HG Dynamics stands at the forefront of the true path for humanity.  We will care for you with the love your former governments could never provide.

Your every whim will be satisfied and you will never be alone.

We’re with you every step of the way.

A fair and trusted Blockchain.

A more stable society.


At Hayashi Greenbaum Dynamics, you’re both the customer and the product.

We pay you to be you.  In our new, privacy-free world, we’ll observe your every action in order to supply the best possible user experience for your life.

With our Universal Basic Income Package™ (UBIP), you’ll enjoy a steady income to purchase the goods and service that make you who you are.  We redistribute every $PHT you spend as part of the UBIP™ entitlement.

Our UBIP™ benefit cycle forges the most sustainable economy ever known.

Welcome to the HGD Family™

©2023 Hayashi Greenbaum Dynamics

HG Dynamics serves as the global brand for all products and services worldwide, serving the needs of Mountain Viewtopia and greater Geodesia in accordance with the International Monocorporate Intigration Accord (IMIA).  Concerns written to the PPI will receive rapid attention to ensure perpetual equanimity and compliance as we pursue the equalization of the harmonic fuchurs.

HG Dynamics sources its employment through the tiered, merit-based school system and innovation platform.  Your extraordinary efforts fashion a secure path to employment.  To apply, become your best self.

HG Dynamics operates in meatspace through its associates and representatives.

Meatsacks wishing to support the expansion of our global initiative should lend their support to any named representatives of our efforts.