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Poopmueller was born in the embittered bowels of Nashe Gainsworth in the years following a torrid affair that broke his family apart. He emerged in the National Gut Biome after Nashe was taken to Mountain Viewtopia General Hospital for an emergency metafecal transplant.

Poopmueller does not always maintain a pleasant odor. He is an expert on the subject of fecal matter. He smolders with the fires of rage. He is very capricious. He has been known to come off as rude.

Poopmueller enjoys useful things, taking personality quizes with a background soundtrack of hip hop music, and dancing to classical music. He doesn't like taking action to care for the environment, romance films, or reading autobiographical material. You'll ordinarily discover Poopmueller learning entropy, taking in the expert sounds of Maroon 5, and gobbling up junk foods. Additionally, he enjoys spreading death and destruction.

Poopmueller's sole purpose is to spread himself throughout the world's poopulation and infect everyone's butts with fear and anxiety. He must be stopped because most people aren't really into that. He enjoys listening to Maroon 5 and dabbing.

Active Subscrooptions

📕 Pooper's Digest

Whether you like to read about poop or are a poop yourself, Pooper's Digest has all the toilet-bound reading you've been missing out on since bowel movements became an annual affair. Pick up the latest issue in the Mountain Viewtopia Genetal Hospital's Fecal Ward and you'll never be able to put it down!




5 YEARS OLD BORN 2037-03-13 Smelly Chaotic Angry Rude Fecal Expert Cruelty Determination Adaptive Sharp Rarely Sits Inner Strength Heavyweight

Spectral Harmonics

RATIO 50 : 1

Radience (73)

73.1 / 255

Causality (9)

9.1 / 128

Balance (260)

260.1 / 255

Chaos (288)

288.2 / 255

Intelligence (89)

89.3 / 255

Dexterity (115)

114.8 / 255

Efficacy (102)

102.4 / 255

Power (153)

153 / 255

Strength (255)

255 / 255

Influence (57)

57 / 255

Compassion (-33)

-33.2 / 255

Empathy (28)

28.1 / 255

Companionship (8)

8 / 255