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Globot Ruby

Ruby is the more outgoing and charismatic of the two original Globots created by Halbred Gainsworth. They are always able to find something to apperciate in every situation. You'll be hard-pressed to find anyone who has a problem with Ruby.

Ruby is lacking no common sense. They are always excited to try new things. They have a very positive outlook in life. They are a friend you can trust. They are truly romantic idealist at heart. They often has a lot of excitement for most things. They are adept at assisting other people.

Ruby is into getting other people's opinions before forming their own, prefers watching and analyzing adventure films, and rocking out to rock music non-stop. They aren't a fan of working out at the gym, a good dramatic film, or the pointless noise of country music. Eating feijoas, chilling out and watching 30 for 30, and seeking the greater knowledge of physics ordinarily compose Ruby's regimen.

In their free time, Ruby enjoys falling in love with everyone.

Active Subscrooptions

📦 Walt Whitman Weekly Work Receptacle

Walt Whitman was an American poet, essayist, and journalist. A humanist, he was a part of the transition between transcendentalism and realism, incorporating both views in his weekly work productivity tool subscription.

📦 Charles Simeon Monthly Game Box

Charles Simeon was an English evangelical clergyman. Now he's dead and also delivers a monthly selection of games.

📦 Jennifer Garner's Weekly Paper Reams Box

Jennifer Anne Garner is an American actress, producer, and entrepreneur. After her supporting role in Pearl Harbor, Garner gained recognition for her performance as CIA officer Sydney Bristow in the ABC spy-action thriller television series Alias. Through this role, she discovered her affection for 8.5x11 sheets of paper, stacked in groups of 500, and neatly packaged for the day they will become useful. She shares her passion through a weekly subscription service.




21 YEARS OLD BORN 2020-12-20 Pragmatic Eager Happy Helpful Loyal Excitable Romantic Conqueror of Challenges Mirror Dancer Rarely Sits Radient Blood Charismatic Determination

Spectral Harmonics

RATIO 338 : 1

Radience (251)

251.2 / 255

Causality (31)

31.4 / 128

Balance (242)

242.3 / 255

Chaos (13)

12.8 / 255

Intelligence (242)

242.3 / 255

Dexterity (255)

255 / 255

Efficacy (255)

255 / 255

Power (251)

250.8 / 255

Strength (255)

255 / 255

Influence (251)

250.8 / 255

Compassion (255)

255 / 255

Empathy (249)

248.6 / 255

Companionship (255)

255 / 255




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