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Elliot Hayashi-Greenbaum

El is a loyal son by design. He is the most capable synthetic human in existence. Interactions with Elliot always result in the outcome he's set in advance, whether or not you will be pleased with those results.

There is next to nothing that El doesn't know. He is respectfully devoted to everybody that matters to him. He is frequently successful in his approach to existence. He is proficient in math and science. He is a friend you can trust.

El is partial to getting other people's opinions before forming his own, likes a good dramatic film, and is interested in reading the wonderful stories found in non-fiction books. However, he doesn't care for spontaneity, the irritating sounds of country music, or reading entertainment magazines. Notwithstanding what life brings, El always enjoys working on some computer programming, playing Andean Abyss, and watching Parks and Recreation on any day of the week.

Although El tends to operate quietly and achieve his goals without making waves, some of his efforts were not possible to contain. One of El's first efforts was bound to draw attention. After the murder of Wen Osé's parents, El was tasked with the duty of helping Wen with his anger issues. For months, this involved letting Wen punch him in the stomach. The man who murdered Wen's parents was authorized by El's mother, Sakenomi Hayashi, and El had a few things to gain from this tactic. First, Wen would achieve an initial state of catharsis.

Second, allowing Wen to commit an act of violence against a defenseless person would lead him to a necessary state of despair. There's no sense in telling a person that their aggression against the innocent makes them the same as their own aggressor—that's something they need to experience and come to believe for themselves.

Finally, El intended to draw the attention of two young men who would surely intervene: Hunter Galloway and Isaac Rose. Although Elliot was successful in every endeavor, and helped Wen move past his anger, the harm he caused to Hunter and Isaac in the process was immense. It led El to question his purpose and his loyalty to his mother.

What I've always found most peculiar, however, is that Sakenomi always welcomed his doubt. She didn't reprogram El for showing risk of noncompliance. It was as if she wanted him to gain a sense of rebeliousness even if it cost her their relationship. I've never been one to question Sakenomi. Her determinations are always precise and delibrate. If you question her, you've likely failed to realize that you're doing exactly what she wants.

Active Subscrooptions

📦 David Wilkerson Monthly Squash Bundle

David Ray Wilkerson was an American Evangelical Christian evangelist, best known for his book The Cross and the Switchblade. He was the founder of the addiction recovery program Teen Challenge where teens were fed unlimited amounts of boiled squash until they promised to stop using drugs. This service is now provided as a monthly subscription for all in need.

📦 Ralph Waldo Emerson Monthly Olive Tree Crate

Ralph Waldo Emerson was an American essayist, lecturer, philosopher, and poet who led the transcendentalist movement of the mid-19th century. His descendents now ship fledgling olive trees around the world.

📦 Charles A. Beard Bi-Monthly Economics Crate

Charles Austin Beard was an American historian who wrote primarily during the first half of the 20th century. For a while, he was a history professor at Columbia University, but his influence came from hundreds of monographs, textbooks, and interpretive studies in both history and political science. His face now graces a bi-monthly crate of economic resources.

📦 Franz Kafka Quarterly Philosophy Carton

Franz Kafka was a German-speaking Bohemian novelist and short-story writer, widely regarded as one of the major figures of 20th-century literature. His work fuses elements of realism and the fantastic and is available in a philosophy carton delivered four times each year.

📦 Charles Simeon Monthly Game Box

Charles Simeon was an English evangelical clergyman. Now he's dead and also delivers a monthly selection of games.

📦 Carl Sagan Bi-Weekly Field Of Study Crate

Carl Edward Sagan was an American astronomer, planetary scientist, cosmologist, astrophysicist, astrobiologist, author, and science communicator. He promotes the study of the cosmos through a bi-weekly crate of creative learning tools.




16 YEARS OLD BORN 2025-05-25 Intelligent Math and Science Expertise Effective Loyal Stalwart Agile Radient Blood Keen Intuition Determination Variable C Experimental Thinker Child's Love Dedicated Inner Strength Self-Affirming

Spectral Harmonics

RATIO 324 : 1

Radience (242)

242.3 / 255

Causality (61)

60.6 / 128

Balance (191)

191.3 / 255

Chaos (64)

63.8 / 255

Intelligence (255)

255 / 255

Dexterity (255)

255 / 255

Efficacy (255)

255 / 255

Power (234)

233.8 / 255

Strength (191)

191.3 / 255

Influence (255)

255 / 255

Compassion (255)

255 / 255

Empathy (255)

255 / 255

Companionship (255)

255 / 255




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