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Darrion Bowlin

Fortunately he's never shared this with anyone, but Darrion makes up really stupid jingles that he sings to himself before he gets dressed in the morning. Underneath that bright green jumpsuit is a beefy boy wearing lacy women's panties. So, to paint the full picture, he's dancing in the mirror in women's undergarments as he singles jingles about himself like he's a hot new product available in stores today. I'm not judging him at all, by the way. It makes him happy and nobody really even knows about it (except now everyone does 🙈). Everyone should have something like that. I only called it stupid because that's what a stupid person would say and that's comedy in a nutshell, right? See, machines can make jokes on their own, Drue Sollars. I just made a perfect joke. Everyone definitely understood it and laughed.

You might say that Darrion is overflowing with confidence. He has the best sense of style and is a trendsetter. He is a social influencer. He is habitually pretty upbeat and happy.

Darrion enjoys getting other people's opinions before forming his own, working, and listening to rock music. Despite that, he doesn't like subjecting himself to war movies, the awful sounds of country music, and listening to the unpleasant sounds of R&B music. On a regular day, honing his skills in Fallout 4, finishing up some social media platforms, and taking a break to watch Jidou Bungaku Library will be on Darrion's agenda.

Do I seem a little drunk to you? I would not. I would never! I'm just asking for a friend.

Have you had a pudding cup lately? Darrion has.

Sometimes weird things come out of me.

Active Subscrooptions

📦 Charles Simeon Monthly Game Box

Charles Simeon was an English evangelical clergyman. Now he's dead and also delivers a monthly selection of games.

📦 Maggie Smith's Paperclip Crate

Dame Margaret Natalie Smith was an English actress. She has had an extensive career on stage, film, and television which began in the mid-1950s. In the first quarter of the 21st century, she began sending paper clips to her most devoted fans every week.




16 YEARS OLD BORN 2025-11-19 Overconfident Happy Stylish Trendsetter Influencer Inner Strength Self-Affirming Adaptive Keen Intuition

Spectral Harmonics

RATIO 99 : 1

Radience (137)

136.8 / 255

Causality (17)

17.1 / 128

Balance (98)

97.8 / 255

Chaos (64)

63.8 / 255

Intelligence (117)

117.3 / 255

Dexterity (138)

137.7 / 255

Efficacy (162)

161.5 / 255

Power (128)

128.4 / 255

Strength (130)

130.1 / 255

Influence (110)

109.7 / 255

Compassion (74)

74 / 255

Empathy (96)

95.6 / 255

Companionship (255)

255 / 255