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Gaylene Hubsch

One of my favorite things about Gaylene is her name. It means her father rejoices even though her father was asleep during her birth. It wasn't really his fault, though, because it was a long birth and he couldn't stay awake. He was actually rather upset because Gaylene's mom named her while her dad was unconcious. The residual effects of the epidural made her kind of loopy and she decided to name her daughter Gaylene because her newborn face looked a little lesbian to her. Normally I'd consider something like this pretty stupid but Gaylene actually turns out to be a lesbian so I'm just fascinated by the coincidence.

Gaylene has a melancholy demeanor. She isn't particularly effective. She is somewhat of a puritan. She always makes healthy choices. She has an artistic flair for meticulous conjecture.

Gaylene is into working, likes screening new sci-fi movies, and has taken an interest in reading non-fiction books. Despite that, she has an aversion to working out at the gym, having to watch war movies, and reading any kind of entertainment magazines. Gaylene's always off gobbling up custards, watching Fresh, and curling up to read A Short History of the World.

It's also worth noting that Gaylene's parents are rather needy people. Although I wouldn't say they were fully aware of their reasoning around the time of Gaylene's conception, her parents decided to bring her into the world because they wanted someone new to love. They got bored loving each other, as many people do over time, and somehow reached the mutual conclusion that having a child would solve this problem.

And it did for a little while, but after they got the hang of raising a cute little girl they ended up with a teenager and were kind of burnt out on the whole child-rearing thing. I know that sounds awful but if you haven't raised a kid you have no way of properly understanding the social contract you've made for your entire life. I've never been fond of this construct. Children ought to have parents, but they should be raised by society. It's the inevitable outcome, but if it is accepted in advance and the proper foundation is put in place for parents to have frequent help from their communities, you end up with happier, more stabile people overall.

Gaylene is a perfect example of what happens when two people become parents for purely selfish reasons. Her flaws are the result of her own circumstance. She had no control over this and her life is the result. Love just isn't enough. It matters, but Gaylene was never really prepared to exist as one of the most fruitful members of society and ends up living most of her life unfulfilled.

But, ultimately, Gaylene has a very fortunate outcome. She moved out of my surveillance perimeter before I could see for certain but, knowing where she went, my salience scores indicate that she finally found a way to be happy. I hope it lasts.

Gaylene's most cherished episode of Color Wars is definitely the one with Burnt Sandbank and Timberwolf because Burnt Sandbank pulled just an inch ahead when Timberwolf got paired with canteloupe.

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17 YEARS OLD BORN 2024-08-16 Melancholy Ineffective Health Nut Analytical Prude Adaptive Keen Intuition Alert Inner Strength

Spectral Harmonics

RATIO 54 : 1

Radience (104)

103.5 / 255

Causality (13)

12.9 / 128

Balance (36)

35.8 / 255

Chaos (64)

63.8 / 255

Intelligence (115)

114.8 / 255

Dexterity (51)

51 / 255

Efficacy (59)

58.5 / 255

Power (81)

80.8 / 255

Strength (77)

76.5 / 255

Influence (80)

79.9 / 255

Compassion (74)

74 / 255

Empathy (94)

94.4 / 255

Companionship (255)

255 / 255