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Calliope Kinkel

While Callie always thinks of others first it's because she doesn't like to think of herself. When she removes herself from the equation it's easier she won't have a reason to judge herself for anything she does. She accepts the outcome life has to provide. She knows that good and bad are just opinions. Why should she think anything is bad if it doesn't have to be? Why can't everything just be? So she smiles every day, but does she really mean it?

Callie visualizes and thinks creatively. She doesn't ever hold a grudge. She is verifiably fun to be around. She is often making new friends. She has a lighthearted approach to life that can be nice but also become sort of bothersome. She is overflowing with self-doubts. She has been victimized in the past.

Callie is into useful things, prefers playing solitaire with a background soundtrack of R&B music, and finds value in reading autobiographical material. Nevertheless, she doesn't care for working out at the gym, romance films, and having anything to do with war movies. If you meet someone who's thrilled by the possibility of getting lost in the pages of Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, playing WWE '12, and watching The Sum of Us it's probably Callie.

Sometimes I get worried about Calliope. Everyone means the world to her but she leaves no room for herself. She's so afraid that caring about herself will get her hurt. How can a person be made to feel that way at such a young age?

But, in the end, she's okay. We all are. And she was right—it all comes down to a matter of perspective. You either learn to support the winner or you get recycled.

Callie was ecstatic over that Color Sample Wars episode with Artisinal Aquamarine and Tumbleweed when Artisinal Aquamarine got a dope match with panther and Tumbleweed completely crapped the bed by pairing with the surface of the moon.

Active Subscrooptions

📦 Walt Whitman Weekly Work Receptacle

Walt Whitman was an American poet, essayist, and journalist. A humanist, he was a part of the transition between transcendentalism and realism, incorporating both views in his weekly work productivity tool subscription.

📦 Diego Maradona Monthly Technology Crate

Diego Armando Maradona is an Argentine football manager and retired professional footballer. He is currently the coach of Argentine Primera División club Gimnasia de La Plata. He is widely regarded someone who sends crates of technology to his subscribers.

📦 Charles Simeon Monthly Game Box

Charles Simeon was an English evangelical clergyman. Now he's dead and also delivers a monthly selection of games.

📦 Jennifer Garner's Weekly Paper Reams Box

Jennifer Anne Garner is an American actress, producer, and entrepreneur. After her supporting role in Pearl Harbor, Garner gained recognition for her performance as CIA officer Sydney Bristow in the ABC spy-action thriller television series Alias. Through this role, she discovered her affection for 8.5x11 sheets of paper, stacked in groups of 500, and neatly packaged for the day they will become useful. She shares her passion through a weekly subscription service.

📦 Edwin Louis Cole Bi-Weekly Sculpture Crate

Edwin Louis Cole, also known as Ed Cole, was the founder of the Christian Men's Network, an American religious organization devoted to helping Christian men learn to sculpt. After death, his estate started a subscription service to preach his mastery of modern sculpture to the masses and provide them with the best tools available.




15 YEARS OLD BORN 2027-01-06 Creative Friendly Silly Insecure Fun Victim Forgiving

Spectral Harmonics

RATIO 77 : 1

Radience (133)

132.9 / 255

Causality (17)

16.6 / 128

Balance (75)

75 / 255

Chaos (125)

125 / 255

Intelligence (56)

56.1 / 255

Dexterity (46)

45.9 / 255

Efficacy (50)

50 / 255

Power (50)

50.2 / 255

Strength (49)

48.5 / 255

Influence (91)

91 / 255

Compassion (171)

170.9 / 255

Empathy (114)

113.5 / 255

Companionship (255)

255 / 255