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Sherry Larson

You won't often find a security guard—especially a member of the No Bees Co. Security Team—with a sense of humor but Sherry's the exception. I wouldn't call it a good sense of humor, because most of her jokes don't make any sense, but it's a very prominent and probably annoying aspect of her personality. I mean, as a friend you might just laugh at her for how completely un-funny her jokes are but they seem especially out of place when she's aiding in the torture of a detainee at the No Bees Co. factory.

Sherry desires to protect those she cares about. She has amazing physical ability. She has a sense of humor that just won't quit. She has the skill and talent of a professional athlete. She is a loyal friend.

Sherry is partial to working out at the gym, enjoys discovering new movies inspired by history, and prefers reading entertainment magazines nowadays. Nevertheless, she doesn't like romance films, listening to country music, or spending time on the pointless pages of autobiographical material. Sherry is by the prospect of carving out a little time for mushroom hunting, playing a good game of Cannon Fodder, and munching on honeyberries as a part of her daily regimen.

Active Subscrooptions

📦 Charles Simeon Monthly Game Box

Charles Simeon was an English evangelical clergyman. Now he's dead and also delivers a monthly selection of games.




34 YEARS OLD BORN 2007-07-11 Protective Athletic Strong Loyal Silly Physical Worker Mirror Dancer Rarely Sits Alert

Spectral Harmonics

RATIO 72 : 1

Radience (113)

113 / 255

Causality (14)

14.1 / 128

Balance (116)

115.8 / 255

Chaos (166)

165.8 / 255

Intelligence (51)

51 / 255

Dexterity (61)

61.2 / 255

Efficacy (50)

50 / 255

Power (110)

109.7 / 255

Strength (217)

216.8 / 255

Influence (64)

63.8 / 255

Compassion (79)

79.1 / 255

Empathy (65)

65 / 255

Companionship (255)

255 / 255