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Spectralism is a predictive process practiced by entities capable of real-time Spectral Harmonic calculations. In other words, it's the process that allows really smart people to make accurate future predictions. The most harmonic of the Spectralists (i.e. entities that practice Spectralism) can make much larger and far-reaching predictions. These individuals will always have the greatest impact on the evolution of the people in their sphere of influence and, resultantly, on society as a whole.

Predictive processes can be implemented to accomplish more than future predictions. By understanding the components of a desired outcome, Spectralists can quickly understand the necessary actions required to actualize it. As a result, Spectralists can accomplish a number of seemingly-impossible feats that bring "magic" into the realm of science. However, these sorts of accomplishments require long-term dedication and routine practice.

Novice Spectralists are encouraged to learn techniques that increase the number of actions they can take in each moment. Mastering this technique provides greater opportunity for experimentation. Most Spectralists use this ability to accomplish complex action chains in the time required for most entities to take a single action. For example, a Spectralist could temporarily maximize their Entropy to create a more powerful burst of energy but also have the time to reduce that Entropy back down to safer levels. Action chains like this are vital for actively practicing Spectralism. A lack of mastery and control of this technique can be fatal—or worse: permanent transformation into an Encephalozite.